"To Know Christ, and to Make Him Known!" Come Join us for worship, Sundays, 9:30am
"To Know Christ, and to Make Him Known!"Come Join us for worship, Sundays, 9:30am

Global Ministries

Steve and Terri Alumbaugh -- Flying H Youth Ranch, Naches, WA

The Flying H Youth Ranch is a residency program for troubled boys 13 to 16-1/2 years of age, located 25 miles west of Yakima.  Boys are placed in this Christian program by their parents and their stay is 18 months.  The Flying H Youth Ranch has its own accredited school.  Steve is the Administrator of this ministry and Terri teaches in the high school, and cooks.  Because of recent serious heart problems Steve is stepping aside from his role as Administrator, but will continue as the Business Manager.  For more information about the Flying H Youth Ranch visit the website listed below.

Email:  steve.alumbaugh@flyingh.org

Website:  www.flyingh.org

Mel and Patty Davis -- World Venture, Slovenia

Mel and Patty Davis have served in Slovenia since the early 1990s.  Slovenia is part of the former Yugoslavia.  Mel and Patty are working with local churches and publish books and music in the Slovenia language.  In addition, they lead individual and group Bible studies.  Mel is assisting the pastor of the fellowship in Maribor and they are praying about a new church plant in the town of Lendava.

Email:  melpatty.davis@gmail.com

Reg & Mary Epp – Missionary Aviation Fellowship – Indonesia

Reg and Mary have been with MAF since 1986.  The MAF planes are used to transport missionaries from a variety of mission organizations as well as meeting medical transportation needs.  During the last 4 years they were assigned to Indonesia where Reg worked in the MAF hangar keeping the 5 MAF planes flying.  Mary taught in the MAF School for missionary children.  They returned to Napa, Idaho this last fall since Reg’s prostate cancer had spread to the bones in the pelvic area.  He will continue specialized treatment for the foreseeable future while working at MAF HQ as an aircraft mechanic.  Prayer Focus:  (1) Pray for Reg’s ongoing cancer treatment; (2) Pray that they may be spiritually encouraged and sensitivity to the Lord’s leading.

Email:  REpp@maf.org         Website:  www.maf.org/epp

Peter and Margre Hays -- Greater European Mission, Holland

Peter and Margre Hays are serving in Holland (the home of Margre).  Their ministries include Church planting, evangelism seminars, and training international leaders.  Peter is also on faculty of Tyndale Theological Seminary and recently assumed an additional role as Dean of Students.  Margre is the National Director of Community Bible Studies International in Holland.  She also coordinates the establishment of these studies in Norway and Serbia.  Peter and Margre are working with other Christians to share Christ with all those living in their city.

Email:  peter.hays@gemission.org

Andrew and Cassandra Pleiss -- New Tribes Missions

Both Andrew and Cassandra have spent many years ministering with the youth at BGBC.  In August, they will be moving to the New Tribes Missionary Training Center in Missouri, in preparation for missionary service.  This training will last two to three years and will focus on preparing them for missionary service in remote tribal locations.  If you would like to receive their monthly newsletter and be kept updated on their progress, please contact them at thepleissfamily@gmail.com to be placed on their mailing list. 

Email:  thepleissfamily@gmail.com

Hilde Reimer -- One Challence, Guatemala

Hilde is part of the team that is involved in training pastors and leaders in Guatemala.  She is receiving additional training in Guatemalan Sign Language and is coordinating speaking opportunities for a deaf pastor/evangelist.  Hilde is also involved in working with church music leaders and in coordination of short-term missions teams.

Email:  reimerh@gmail.com

Stephen and Satomi Sakamoto -- TEAM Missions, Kobe, Japan

The Sakamoto's ministry includes planting new churches and training men to pastor these church plants.  Their outreach groups include several new classes in parenting, baking, conversational English, marriage growth, beginner Bible studies and youth meetings.

Email:  stephensakamoto@teamjapan.org

Jeff and Val Sutton -- Great Commandments Ministries (GCM)

Great Commandments Ministries is located west of Yakima, WA.  The Antioch Christian Training School (ACTS) offers discipleship training to college age students (18-25) who desire to serve God.  GCM also has ministries in Iasi, Romania, with university students, of whom many are practicing Muslims and Hindus.  This ministry was started by the Suttons in 1990, and is the only Christian ministry at this university.  A second ministry is in Mexico.  A new ministry, located in the Yakima area, called Ascent School of Ministry, has been initiated with a 5-month emphasis on doctrine, community and practice.

Email:  jeff@gcmacts.com

Website:  www.gcmacts.com

Aaron & Erika Weatherl -- New Tribes Mission, Papua New Guinea

Aaron and Erika have ministered in Papua New Guinea for twenty years.  They initially lived with and ministered to the Kakuna people group.  In 2012 they relocated to the mainland -- Goroka.  Aaron was the Business Manager for NTM as well as the International Banking Manager.  From time to time Aaron visits missionaries in remote villages to assist them with language.  Erika has been the Business Office Secretary.  They are currently on home assignment and will be returning to Papua New Guinea in July 2016, where Aaron will be the Support Ministries Administrator. 

Email:  aaron_weatherl@ntm.org

Blog:  www.ntm.org/aaron_weatherl

John & Heather Witherow -- One Challenge, South Africa

John & Heather with their 3 boys started their mission work in South Africa in February 2006.  They come alongside pastors, teachers and others to help them grow and develop as leaders and be more transformed into the image of Jesus Christ.  John teaches and encourages pastors in the greater Johannesburg area as well as in Zimbabwe and points beyond.  Heather home schools their 3 sons as well as facilitates workshops for rural and informal settlement principals and teachers in South Africa and Zimbabwe, addressing the learning needs of preschool and primary-aged school children.

Email:   JohnWitherow@oci.org     HeatherWitherow@oci.org

Heather’s Blog:  www.insteadbless.blogspot.com

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